Alexa for Your Radio Station? #AmazonAlexa

Let listeners find your station through their Amazon Echo, smart speaker and other smart devices by letting us create an Alexa Skill for your radio station. £40.00 GBP Annually £10.00 Setup Fee.

This magic becomes reality with a custom Alexa Skill for your radio station, unlocking a treasure trove of advantages:

Effortless Listening: Forget app downloads! Listeners simply ask Alexa to play your station, enjoying seamless access to your content on any Alexa-enabled device.

Massive Audience Potential: Tap into millions of potential listeners actively searching for engaging radio experiences through Alexa voice commands.

Enhanced Visibility: Stand out from the crowd. Your station's name and branding appear prominently on Alexa devices, increasing brand recognition and attracting new audiences.

Boosted Engagement: Keep listeners hooked with a smooth, voice-activated experience. They can seamlessly switch between stations, adjust volume, or pause playback – all with simple voice commands.

Now, your listeners can connect with you directly through voice commands!

Here's how it works:

Listeners simply say: "Alexa, ask [Your Station Name]..."

Alexa prompts: "What would you like to send?"
Listeners record their message.
Alexa confirms: "Message sent successfully. Now playing [Your Radio Stream]."

All messages are sent directly to your email, keeping the conversation flowing and your listeners engaged.

Please note that doesn't provide any form of content licensing or coverage for royalties.
It is your responsibility to obtain any licences relevant for your country and content.

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